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Sonny JacksonBaseball Diamonds & Country Gold

 by Sonny Jackson

   with Kris Rutherford

There’s an old saying, “Do something worthwhile today. It’ll cost you a day of your life. Well, anyone who has ever spent even a moment with Sonny Jackson realizes it was one well spent. A visit with Sonny will take you on a whirlwind tour of all things American, from rural farm life and professional baseball to corporate board rooms, performing on state at the County Music Hall of Fame, and volunteering with kids.

In Baseball Diamonds & Country Gold, Sonny tells of his highest highs and his lowest lows, experiences carrying him from a rural Northeast Texas farm to professional baseball and the business worlds of Boston and Memphis to dozens of entertainment venues across the South. With a sense of humor, humility, and honesty few possess and even fewer have the confidence to show in public, Sonny’s story never strays from the values and optimism that have led him through periods of both great success and tremendous grief. You’ll laugh, and you’ll cry, but most of all you will be motivated to develop relationships and achieve your dreams.

So, sit down a few hours with Baseball Diamonds & Country Gold. At day’s end, rest assured you’ll know you did something worthwhile; in fact, you’ll realize you didn’t waste a single moment of life’s most precious commodity-time.

-Kris Rutherford

Baseball Diamonds & Country Gold is published by Texalina Press and is available by contacting the authors. Please click “Contact Kris” on this website for purchase information.